Dear Visitor,

Welcome to my homepage. I’m your Member of Parliament for the constituency Hamburg-Mitte.
It’s my job to represent the interests of each and every resident in the constituency, which
extends from Mümmelmannsberg in the east to Finkenwerder in the west, taking in the city
centre. In the lower house of Parliament (the “Bundestag”), I also serve on the budget

However, most of my work is focused on the constituency, where I’ve been resident for more
than 20 years. I primarily see myself as your representative in the German Parliament. My full-on
work and numerous personal meetings in the districts of the constituency mean that I’m in
constant contact with the people of Hamburg. Both Hamburg’s strengths and the problems faced
by its districts are familiar to me – my position as chairman of the Young Persons’ Committee
means that I learn about them first hand. In this role, I lend my support to the interests of young
people. The goal of our work is to offer new prospects to children and young people who often
come from difficult social environments.

Hamburg-Mitte is home to a large population of immigrants. Most of them have long since
established themselves in our society. It is, however, important to continue with the work of
integrating them. The SPD has a good track record in this respect: in cooperation with the Green
Party in the Hamburg-Mitte district assembly, we were the first to draw up a new integration
concept for our district. At the Federal level, the SPD is the driving force behind integration

In the face of frequent concerted opposition from the CDU and CSU, we’ve managed to see
through numerous projects which have improved the lives of people in immigrant communities.
Germany is a country of immigrants. Immigration has enriched our country, both culturally and
economically. This will remain the case in future. The SPD has the right solutions; we’re getting
to grips with the problems.

If you would like further information, please get in touch with me. You can
make an appointment at my office or just come along to one of the many public constituency
meetings. Alternatively, just take a look at my homepage. Happy browsing!

With my best wishes,

Johannes Kahrs